2009. október 13., kedd

Pulcsi és Bobek a nagy szélben / Jumper & Bobek in the biting north wind

Ők a mi két nyuszink, akik remélem nem fáznak nagyon ebben a zord időben, mert sálat még csak a vázlatfüzetemben kaptak.

These are our two honey bunnies having chills out there in the whirlwind. Hope they can make it through the tempestuous winter nights without the heart-warming scarf that I only manage to provide on the sheet of my sketch book up to this point. Fortunately the fluffy little gals have got fur thick enough to survive, not to mention the first rated lair of a kind I constructed for their safety. The fact that in spite of all my effort it has been used as lavatory by them does not detract from its real merits. Anyway, at least there’s room enough to flourish their laid-back attitude to life.

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