2009. október 6., kedd

Vidrák / Otters

Lili 8 éves lett! A hétvége is ennek fényében telt, szombat vidámpark, vasárnap állatkert, ahol nevelőszölő találkozó is volt, így meglátogattuk Jonatánt kertünk egykori süni lakóját.

LiLi’s 8, everybody!

To celebrate on Saturday we went to the Amusement Park (loads and loads of screaming and spun candy) and the day after visited Jonatan at the nearby Zoo, where we could have a few words with his tender, too. Were assured that our little cripple was doing just fine. Actually, he was about to hit the hay. For sure, cold days are coming! Anyway, while there, with the tender, we were allowed to pop in to the wolves’ paddock as well with a couple of bloody chops in both hands to get a deeper impression. The happening slightly went wrong, though, as one of the sneaky furry beasts happened to want to get some more out of the situation. Grrrrr… Well, a little shiver down the spine, but our LiLi’s alright!

To chill out we lounged a bit at the otters’ place watching them spinning and twirling about. It was fun and so… I don’t know, just wanted to get involved! The attached snapshot fail to transfer the wave of intensity so in short: it’s the peek-a-boo part and in a sec the girl’ll get him underwater. Big splash!

5 megjegyzés:

Cserháti Hajnalka, Ojni írta...

Boldog szülinapot Lilinek! Nagyon aranyosak ezek a vidrák! És hogy van Jonatán? :)

picidia írta...

boldogat neki!

Pásztohy Panka írta...

Köszi mindenkitől Lili nevében!
Jonatán jól van, csak éppen aludt:)

Bóbita írta...

Isten éltessen Titeket - és természetesen Jonatánt is!

Cserháti Hajnalka, Ojni írta...

Hogy a manó csípje meg!